APPEARING: Norm Dalenger, Jennifer Wood, Arturo

Well, at long last I have a camera of my own. It's a Canon 20-D and I'm currently shooting with a Canon 28-135 IS f/3.5-5.6 lens. Whole thing set me back a pretty penny. I got it sent to work today, and, of course had to play with it immediately. For the first shot, I pointed towards myself and snapped it -- definitely didn't make sure it focused. Norm, a friend and co-worker at Boston.com and I bounced out of work for lunch and fooled around with the camera a bit. You saw my manager, Jen Wood in their as well as I continued to play with it at work during our group meeting. Afterwards, Norm and I walked around through the city for a bit and came across what could possibly be the best piece of turf in Boston next to Fenway. In the midst of the city and the towering Hancock and Pru buildings in the background, the "Cardinals" and "Red Sox" play a game around the bases. To finish off the day we headed over to Norm's photographer friend, Arturo for Cinco de Mayo.

My goal, with this new camera, is to have a set of photos, along with a self portrait to post every day. See how it goes everyday at photos.thushan.net.