APPEARING: Lilliana Zmed, Emily, Anne, Emil

Flying jetBlue. TVs in every seat at a sweet $99 to Denver from Boston.

So begins my third roadtrip with Lilliana.

One final package.

Lil and her roomate Emily.

The Flatirons on an absolutely dreary day in Boulder.

Getting tickets to a Rockies game.

The purple line signifys 1 mile in altitude - pretty damn cool if I say so...

Lil's a joker.

Emil - one crazy Bulgarian.

Lil, Emily, Emil, Anne, me.

This makes it our third stadium.

Shot this out of the drivers side window from the passenger seat - loved how it turned out.


A friend from high school, but we didn't know each other, and a friend from college, though we didn't go to the same university - Lilliana is always up for a good laugh or a interesting roadtrip. From Boulder to er... Boston, here's the adventure as she moves back to good ol' MA.