Practically my parents while in the south, Debbie and Chuck are a vital part of my family ever since we came to the country some 23 years ago. Having battled cancer for 11 years, Debbie passed away on Monday this week. I can't put into words how powerful of a woman she was, but I think the editorial in the News and Observer, the obituary and the letter from North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley give a good idea what kind of woman she was. She leaves Chuck and her daughter Hannah, six months my younger and disabled. Debbie fought for the rights of those like her daughter as recently as mere weeks ago. My family will miss her dearly. I know some might think my photography at the funeral might have been to much, but Debbie was one of my biggest supporters as a journalist so I think she would have been quite fine with it. In the end, everyone was laughing and smiling as they reminised of Debbie -- that's the way it should be.