APPEARING: Erin Welch, Norman Dalager

Erin Welch, another friend from the south swung through Boston today. Undoubtedly one of my best hires at Technician, she was my protege and ran a damn good news department. Took her on the same tour as I did with Carie and Jon, through the North End and up to Top of the Hub... I'm a little dissapointed at myself that I didn't shoot much - I'm sort of in a rut right now, one that I hope to get out of soon.

Well, add another digital SLR to the list - Normando absconded away with a Nikon D100 from a friend. Nikon - no accounting for taste. His lenses were shipped to work and it was like two kids with a new toy for a couple minutes - albiet a very expensive one. It's going to be fun to have someone passionate about photography to shoot around with and in the near future you'll be able to swing over to photos.normandalager.com and see his work.