LOCATION: Cambridge
APPEARING: Leah Underwood

So my buddy from work Alicia is training for a marathon and got me thinking about running again. Almost tipping the scales at 140 lbs and putting on a layer that might be comfortable for a New England winter after months of relative inactivity, I knew I needed to start doing something on a regular basis again - and Alicia pointed me to a series of races that happen in Somerville. That was Tuesday.

Always a fan of stupid physical feats, I decided that day I'd run that race after two days of "training." So some five years after my last race and my retirement from running at our 24 marathon where I did 60 miles in a span slightly short of 20 hours (and knees grinding) I was going to run my first race.

Fortunately this is an easy one to get into. Held every Thursday, and free, this 4.13 mile course (yes an odd distance) starts at a bar named Khoury's (and hense the race is named after that said bar) in the Slumerville part of Somerville and spikes straight up Winter Hill. The roads are not blocked off, and the course starts heading into oncoming traffic. A funny sight seeing 70 plus runners head on the streets like that.

Minutes prior to the race, I chanced upon high school friend, Leah Underwood, a former cross country runner herself who was there for the race as well - funny stuff. Her friend from RPI wore dress socks and sneaks and was ready to run

The race starts with a woman standing on a fire-hydrant who simply yells "Go..." and then mubles "Sox."

Heading into oncoming traffic, the race stoped twice. I felt good most of the way, but this being my first race back over such a weird distance and unknown course I couldn't pace myself. Started out well, strung out in the last third but I had one hell of a kick, and finsihed 35th - about half way in the pack at 32:19. Not bad for two days of training and some five years later...