LOCATION: Bar Harbor / Acadia

Bar Harbor, Maine.

Lobsterman come back from their moring's catch.

Aboard one of the lobster tour boats.

Catching a bouy -- each boat has its own designation.

No lobsters - just crabs, all thrown back into the water.

Seals basking in the sun.

The gender of a lobster is hard to tell at first glance - the number of swimmerettes on the torso is the best way to tell.

Turning a lobster on it's head, and rubbing it's tail will hyptonize it. Cook's will often do this before throwing them into a pot.

The Precipice Trail goes straight up Mt. Champlain.

As trails get, it's pretty scary and the name is justly given. Metal bars and wrungs aid climbers.

At the top of Mt. Champlain. Even little kids were doing this trail so this is something adventerous families can put on their list.

The Beehive.

Sandy Beach.

Thunder Hole.

Acadia National Park has a number of carriage roads for horse and buggy vehicles.

Lunch at Lake Jordan.

The Jordan Lake house.

Bubble Pond.

A top Mt. Cadillac.

Bar Harbor.

Lobster dinner - overrated.

Mt. Cadillac lit by the moon.
New England's only National Park, Acadia is a big draw in Maine - and an approachably size park at that after all the ones I've traveled through in the West. With a lot of notable sights in a small span, it's one I'd highly suggest visiting.

First on the docket was to hop aboard a lobster and seal tour, where the guide and captain picked up actual traps to see what the daily catch was. No dice - just crabs. The tour also gave a great view of Mt. Desert Island, which much of Acadia stretches across.

Before heading out of the office, Melissa told me to check out The Precipice Trail. Description; "This is the most challenging and well known hiking trail in Acadia National Park with an exposed and almost vertical 1,000 foot climb up the east face of Champlain Mountain." Sounded dope - and one I wanted to do. Starting off by bouldering over a rock fall, hikers quickly start climbing sheer faces with metal rungs as ladders and crossing cliffs where a thin pipe protects one from the side. Fun stuff - just don't go down that way.

Afterwards it was a tour of Acadia and all of its major sites.

To end the night - lobster dinner, a delicacy that is much too overrated and for $36 for some crustacean - no thank you.