APPEARING: Boston.commers

Part II of Rattey's Farewell Tour at The Point.
With Chris Rattey's departure to New York Times Regional Group (where he'll help lead interactive and multimedia projects at other NYT websites) our crew had to send him off in good fashion. Organized by Alicia, Baker and Norm, this was undoubtedly a send off worthy for our departing comrade. Norm's roast was sharp and Rattey's trademark stories had the group rolling - especially the finale "Rattey shitting his pant's" tale. With only a week left before he leaves, the laughs will surely soon turn into tears.

I try hard to not insert myself in the photos - be it by posing my subjects or adding artificial elements into them and just let them be. This set marks my first foray into lighted photography. Strapping a napkin to my flash, I was able to achieve the defused, natural tone look that I love. Today's photos have me thinking about using it more often.