A trip with Rosen is never a simple affair - indeed Mr. Rosen manages to make even the most seemingly mundane trip an adventure. After work, we headed up north into New Hampshire to catch Sponge, a mid-ninties band whose fame has heavily withered away.

New Hampshire is to New England as Florida is to the South -- an anomaly. The Granite State boasts a unhealthy concentration of hillbillies, more akin to southerners than the prevailing Yankees. In a deep backwoods venue, Sponge played at Mike's Showplace -- part strip club, park concert hall.

Unintentionally arriving four hours in advance for the show, Rosen and I played a couple games of pool.

And this is when I decided to set up one of my favorite shots. A large mammary laden woman, who we'll call Ma'm for the purposes of this piece. Mam was in charge of the amateur night at the strip club next door. I surmised this by the number of lithe members of New Hampshire's finest following her lead into some unknown backroom. Not one to pass a photo op, I told Rosen to stay near the back edge of the pool table and wagered that Mam would pass by. It paid off with shot #5 I love how Mams largesse is captured while she looks at Rosen lining up his cue.

Good show.