LOCATION: Cambridge
APPEARING: Emily Kaditz

Getting a photo of Emily is a long protracted process Im sure she thinks it's akin to pulling teeth.

Since Emily is not connected to any of my other groups of friends (except through Kendra and Russ), here's a little info on Ms Kaditz. She's a program manager of a bio ethics program at Harvard Medical School and a Newton native via Oregon, Wesleyan and back. Our conversations typically center on sparing between her liberal leans and my moderate stances - and, she doesn't back down.

We caught "Thank you for smoking" a new and hilarious release, surprisingly by Fox. Light, and far from preachy, "Thank you for smoking" follows the life of a tobacco lobbyist, who of course, turns from his ways. Solid acting across the board, great dialogue and a breezy plot makes for four stars by me.