APPEARING: Scott, Teresa

Shooting from the hip. That's what I did for the most part today, my first day at my new posistion in news and sports with Boston.com. I'll be doing the same kind of work, just new subject matter - such as say, going to Fenway next week and producing a piece on the Red Sox/Yankees series. Life just got tougher.

Photo #2 - I used to get off here at South Station on the Red Line. The train always emptied out here, with a few stragglers remaining to head south, now I'm one of them.

Photo #3 - The part of Boston that the Globe is in rarely makes the tourist maps that I grew so familiar with in my old position in travel. The ever rising cost of living in downtown has made it increasingly affluent and continually pushes the low income residents to the outskirts of the city where crime is rampant often ignored by Boston's upper class.

Photo #5 - Scott LaPierre sits next to me, and whom I'll work very closely in the future, produces multimedia projects for news and sports as well.

Photo #6 - Teresa Hanafin, a former Globe Metro editor, is Boston.com's editor in chief, and my new boss. The big news of the day, and a significant one at that for Boston.com, is that she now reports to Marty Baron, the Globe's editor in chief. Previously, Boston.com and the Globe were relatively parallel entities, and hopefully this will foster further integration between print/online.

Photo #7 - This is what I gave up my cushy climes at Congress Street for. Miss my buddies over there loads.