LOCATION: Boston, Cambridge
APPEARING: Mike, Jon, Fran, Taylor, Alicia, Erin, Ben, Dwight, Norm, Em

You've seen Mike venture up Yosemite Falls.
You've seen Alicia laughing it up countless times.
You've seen Senator Washburn, act, well, Senatorial.
You've seen Norman roof decking it.
You've seen Rosen enter the depths of the Grand Canyon.
You've seen Emily shy away from the camera.
You've seen Alex tell us how it is.
You've seen Myers regale of his times in China.
You've seen Erin show how to walk through life in style.

And I hope I've shown you, that a good time, is always one with close friends.

For months, groups of my friends had never met one another in person. But they had through the photos here. Ben told me late into the night, “When Alicia stepped into the room for the first time, I couldn't help but smile. I already knew her.” Seeing my disparate groups of friends, in one place, and enjoying one another was one of the greatest things I've ever been present to enjoy.