APPEARING: Pedro Martinez

"It was an odd sight for sure, seeing the number 45 and martinez emblazoned not in the white and red of a red sox uniform, but the blue and orange of the mets. Pedro martinez, a former red sox pitcher who helped the red sox win the world series, came back to fenway for the first time with the mets in what was expected to be a homecoming but ended in a rocky, and swiftly ending start.

"A packed fenway initially rooted and paid their respect to the former star, giving him nearly a minute long standing ovation as he made his way across from the pull pen to the dug out.

"At the bottom of the first as he made his way to the pitcherís mound that he knew so well with his seven seasons with the Red sox, the crowd yet again, gave him their respect.

"But as the pitches were thrown, and a series of hits by the home team and gafes by visting team turned into four runs, fans started began to taunt and rib Pedro.

"And by the end of the third, with 8 runs, seven hits, and a home run against his name in 75 pitches, pedro was quietly sent to the showers in between innings in his shortest outing ever with the Mets. Red Sox fans, Brian Kelly and Tim Hardy, sporting now vintage Martinez red sox jerseys found it hard to place their loyalties.

"High up in the bleacher section, with a Dominican flag waving of the wall, Mets fanís from New jersey, Judy Torres and Cedric Jaquez came to support not only their teamís star pitcher, but other Dominican players David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez." -- part of my script for a piece I did on Pedro Martinez's return to Fenway as a Met.

Hear and see the whole thing here: http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/multimedia/pedros_return/slideshow/