LOCATION: Cambridge, Ma
APPEARING: Alicia, Her Family, lotsa friends

While gallivanting on the other side of the ocean in Paris last week our friend Alicia Conway turned 27 while eating French toast and Fois Grass (not really). Now, a birthday is no fun without company to share it with, and considering Alicia is stateside, we thought it was high time for a little celebration. Though she's not the type for making a fuss over her, we'd like to invite you to join her for a surprise celebration for her one of her favorite watering holes, Charile Kitchen in Harvard Square for her drink of choice, Hoegartens, and grilled cheese sandwiches at 7 on next Wednesday. It'll be a surprise, you'll meet her roommate Erin, waiting upstairs while Thushan will bring the unsuspecting Conway in for a bite to eat.

Hope to see you there
Thushan and Erin

What: Alicia turns 27
Where: Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square (directions/website
Time: 7pm Wednesday, September 6th