APPEARING: Tim Lytvinenko

Tim, if he will acknowledge it or not, has played a defining role in a raft of photographers coming out of the offices of N.C. State's student paper, Technician. We were both I-want-nothing-to-do-with-computer-science majors at NCSU and spent many a class just pouring over the mistakes we made on that day's paper. I remember a day almost three years ago, when he bought the first digital SLRs that I ever saw. Wow, what a day. He's now up at the Concord Monitor in New Hampshire, a little more than an hour away on an internship - those in the photo world will know, it's one of the top internships in the nation to get.

He has an inspiring eye. This is the way Tim sees it: http://timlyt.blogspot.com/.

I tried Timmys 24mm, as seen between my 17-40mm and 50mm.